MastVoice by AVEC, A Mast Deployment Annunciator

MastVoice comes with two prerecorded messages. When activated the following sequence happens:

  1. A sonalert precedes the first voice announcement which is
     “Look for overhead obstructions.”
  2. Thirty seconds later a second sonalert precedes the next voice announcement which is “If mast comes near power lines you can be killed!”
  3. The sequence repeats at a preset interval until the mast is fully deployed

Click here to hear the standard prerecorded messages (147k MP3 file)

Additional Features:

  • MastVoice can attach to any flat surface simply with four screws
  • MastVoice has a test switch to permit testing the unit before the mast is deployed
  • MastVoice does not have a volume control or on/off switch, so it cannot be defeated by operational staff
  • MastVoice uses a female voice for reasons of clarity
  • MastVoice is powered by 12 volts provided via a 9 pin D connector
  • MastVoice is triggered by +12 volts or a GPI
  • MastVoice is compact, measuring only 7.5” x 6.0”
  • MastVoice is affordable (suggested retail $825.00 US)

Download MastVoice literature in Adobe Acrobat format.

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