CLR-250 from El Jefe Solutions
(This product is no longer available.)

CLR-250 is designed to enhance the operation of the Collage or Collage CG in still store applications. The panel is designed to be operated in conjunction with the Collage keyboard and mouse/tablet or used completely independently. Operation modes allow for basic still store requirements of grabbing and recalling stills.

The CLR is ideal for applications where quick, live operations are required without access to, or knowledge of the details of the Collage Graphic user interface.


  • Miminum footprint for use in tight control situations
  • Can use Preview/Program or A/B mode operation (2 way vs 3 way modes)
  • Supports effects in both outputs while in A/B mode operation
  • Supports fast image grab & save while online
  • “Auto Next” mode brings up the next image without requiring a formal playlist
  • Can store 10 playlists of 99 events independently of the Collage
  • 16 fast recall keys support immediate recall of stills not in the current playlist while online
  • Fast recall keys repurposed as additional 16 macros while off-line
  • Wholly keyboard driven operation mimics that of older still stores
  • Minimizes operator/T.D. retraining requirements
  • Supports Collage CG, Collage GX, Collage 2 Stills, Collage 2 CG and Collage 2 GX from Pixel Power
  • Requires “Edit-While-Live” option on Collage CG and Collage GX systems
  • Download operations manual in Adobe Acrobat format

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